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flower by HopelessFears flower :iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 2 .... by HopelessFears .... :iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 1
As she cries
He strokes her hair
She feels so safe
She thinks he cares
He holds her hand
When times got hard
Showed a heart
That was never there
He stays all day
Hiding his face
Not saying what he wants
She trusts his ways
As the day turns dark
They agree to leave
He offers her a ride
She felt a need
What a shame
For this poor girl
An innocent face
A virgin to the world
What a shame
That this lost soul
Steps into the car
But never gets home
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 2
Dance For Life
In my castle
The place i stay
When darkess covers
The voices say
"Dance my child"
"Dance for life"
"Come my child"
"We'll make this right"
Distant shadows
From the gleaming moon
Move so swiftly
In this house of gloom
The hungry voices
Come once more
Walls are beating
So is the floor
"Dance my child"
"Dance for life"
"Come my child"
"We'll make this right"
Ghosts and goblins
Are of what we fear
In my castle
I wish them near
With my one window
The light shines through
Looking out
Of this house of doom
Hear them screaming
Out for me now
The voices louder
I feel their power
"Dance my child"
"Dance for life"
"Come my child"
"We'll make this right"
After night
The morning bids
The voices quiet
The house at peace
Come my friends
My castle safe
Come my friends
Visit my place
Listen carefully
And you should hear
The voices whisper
They draw you near
"Dance my child"
"Dance for life"
"Come my child"
"We'll make this right"
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 1 0
Harmless Fun
Broken laughter
Is a lonely cry
She dries cold teardrops
From painfelt eyes
Follow easy
Far may she stray
Lost in in a world
Of a modern day
Young she came
An innocent face
Left much older
Into another place
Heart of envy
Left her dead
Scarred shoulder
Blooded bed
Lost once more
On her empty path
This craze is something
That cannot last
Cry much louder
Into space
This world is deaf
No love left to trace
Touch her soft
She cries so loud
One day her body left
Stiff of the ground
Lips met
With one too many
She teased around
She thought it petty
Her bitter love
Was now her fall
Shes left all she had
Shes left it all
She was naive
So easy swayed
Never to wake
Not another day
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 1 2
kiss me goodnight
With your last words
You leave me bruised
My heart is acheing
Theres nothing to loose
You've driven me
To my selfish death
This bullet you've shot
Has kissed my chest
You're watching me
Loose my mind
Waiting for me
Here comes my time
Now you stand
Without remorse
You've killed so harsh
Yet no pain undured
My one and only
Last regret
Is now your bullet
Shall kiss a next
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 2
Hallway Of Wonder
Hallways of wonder
Caress my eye
Touching that of my curious side
Cautiously i moved too close
The end is what provoked the most
White walls
Gleaming lights
Blinding fire
Horrendous heights
Reaching purity
I am one
The curse of envy
Is now undone
Touch the light
Seize my soul
The hallway of wonder
Has gained control<b>
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 3
the new wave... by HopelessFears the new wave... :iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 1 Jordan... by HopelessFears Jordan... :iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 0
Cut Off
Pools of hope
Seas of sorrow
The pains of yesterday
Are the tears of tomorrow
Hopeless laughter
Piercing cries
Rivers of mercy
In her eyes
Broken heart
Of a loving soul
Walks with thousands
Yet she dies alone
Words come out
But no voices are heard
Those painful memories
Shall never desert
Holding hands
But never touch
This painful past
Is far too much
Feeling throbbing
In her wrist
She's had enough
Of this torturing bliss
Take the knife
Pierce her soul
Now this hurt
Shall no longer stroll
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 2
destruction of your pain
close your eyes
its over now
your pain its left you lay
clasp your hand
on all thats safe
for this you soon shall crave
watch me burn
into dust
watch my ambers glow
take my ashes
pass them round
to whom my love did know
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 0
no name
shuffling feet
empty glares
packed to plenty
hollow air
try to push me
ill fall straight down
deafening rings
from silent sounds
stench of the selfish
fills my lungs
chokes me deadly
i still move on
on my knees
i crawl through you
find my way out
so i can move
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 0
Dark aura filled with light
Morbid feeling
Day at night
Filled with pain
Hurt by love
Demons surrounding
Angels above
In her mind
Shes left to pray
That her hopeless fears
Should leave her stray
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 0
... by HopelessFears ... :iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 0
suicide for space
Untamed tears
They flow so wild
Unloved hearts of scar
Cuts wont heal
They grow more painful
Our hearts are ripped apart
Pool of love
It grows too full
We move to oceans of hate
Drowning ourselves
With all this anguish
Now suicide for space
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 2
Forest Of Fears
Look into the shadows
Walk into the woods
Hear the waters rhythm
Drawing a soothing tempting mood
As i move nearer to the lake
The darkened forest is not a fear
No longer standing in my way
When i reach my fate is clear
I dip my foot slowly
For a taster of the full
I urge to go some deeper
Till my body weakens to its pull
Watching the water turn
To a darker shade of red
I know its from my body
In which this blood is bled
Calmly now i leave
My body from my soul
This lake has set me free
From the forests fearful toll
:iconhopelessfears:HopelessFears 0 4


I'll always be there by hugbubble I'll always be there :iconhugbubble:hugbubble 1 2 Balaa by TyParsec Balaa :icontyparsec:TyParsec 5 13 Skin and Atmosphere by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me Skin and Atmosphere :iconthetragictruth-of-me:TheTragicTruth-Of-Me 4,235 1,091



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